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In contrast, when considering a ball pythons for sale online or at a pet store,  don’t choose the pet store! PLEASE make sure you are only purchasing a captive bred python for sale and not a wild caught specimen.  Most noteworthy, at CB reptile we ONLY work with 100% captive bred reptiles for sale. CB  sells captive bred ball python morphs online only.

We do not carry ANY wild caught also known as “field collected” animals.  Secondly, we guarantee you a healthy pet ball python for sale 100% of the time and offer free lifetime support.  Lastly, we are here for you!  With the best customer service in the reptile industry, feel free to ask any questions concerning proper care of their new pet ball pythons for sale. Be sure to check out our pied ball python inventory!


As a result of decades of captive breeding, we have some absolutely stunning baby ball pythons for sale.  Above all, 100% of the ball pythons for sale online at CB Reptile are captive bred.  Consequently, our captive bred baby ball pythons are bred for vivid color and fed a top quality diet to ensure proper growth.  As a result, our balls are raised with the proper humidity and handled often.  While our baby pastel ball python are some of the most docile and friendliest ball pythons for sale online anywhere!

Where did the BP get it’s name?

Ball pythons were first named “ball” because when threatened they roll themselves into a tight ball, tucking their head inside their coils.  Balls have quickly become some of the most popular reptile pets for sale in the world.  Interestingly, balls are most certainly the most popular pet snake for sale in the world as well.  Most of the time, baby ball pythons are a tad nervous but tame quickly.

When handling your new baby  consider taking baby steps.  Why you ask?  That is simple, when taming any baby ball pythons learning trust is key.  Here at CB Reptile our staff of well-trained reptile specialists handle all of our babies early and often.  We believe this is key to the fantastic customer reviews we have seen since we started breeding reptiles decades ago.

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